30 January 2013


While we say repeatedly that Quantagenetics® uses “all” the data from the optical emission system (OES) in classifying materials, that statement tends to lose impact while people are trying to get the new system clear in their minds. One of our staff came up with a line that may be helpful:  "Did you realize that for just a small scale pilot study we evaluate over 500 million data points, and for the larger studies over 2 trillion?”  True. Those masses of data represent thousands of variables that Quantagenetics considers in all its analyses. We routinely use terabytes of memory. Backup and data transmission are challenging.


Where those numbers come from:


    We ordinarily hit each sample with “a few dozen” laser shots. Say, six dozen - 72 shots.
    The spectrometer we have been using collects data in 40,000 channels from each shot.
    A small pilot study might analyze 200 samples.


So, 72 x 40,000 x 200 comes to 576,000,000 data points. Each data point is represented by four bytes…so the bits do pile up quickly. In contrast, conventional materials analysis methods may use six data points.


Quantagenetics is a rather different sort of analysis.