30 March 2012


You may be surprised by some changes on this website. We have added copyright notices to a number of terms, on the assurance that this is an ordinary business precaution while this new field becomes established. We have also added a new term that calls for explanation: Quantagenetics®.


Work on M2S®; in its early years concentrated wholly on mineralogy, and the descriptive language that came most easily was that of geology. Terms like ''geomaterials''  and ''petrogenetic'' were handy and appropriate, but that is no longer true as M2S is applied increasingly to such things as manufactured parts and biological materials. Because good general terms are not always available, we have coined some broader terms for use in Materialytics documents. They may be useful to others.


One key coinage is ''Quantagenetics,'' referring to this entire new field of analytical work. While ''petrogenetics''  has been defined as “the branch of petrology that studies the origin and formation of rocks,” Quantageneticssm  studies the origin and formation of any material at all. Genetics does suggest origins and formations to most people in modern society, and  Quanta suggests  measurement and analysis. The next few years will show if Quantagenetics  is useful. (By the way, it’s easy to remember if you associate it with the song Guantanamera, but you may find the song and the term running through your mind, hard to dislodge.)


The phrases Quantagenetics Sequence and Quantagenetic Signature are frequently used in Materialytics literature and everyday work in the lab. They are defined on the M2S Terminology page.