24 October 2012


We are much pleased by a report on our work in a blog published on October 11 by NVIDIA, a company that produces very fast processing hardware and software. See the piece at: http://blogs.nvidia.com/2012/10/using-gpus-to-build-a-more-ethical-smartphone/.

Widely used for handling the data necessary for display of high quality graphics, NVIDIA’s products are also just what we and others need for processing immense amounts of analytical data. They contacted us, hoping to find one more success story involving their products, and asked if we use their processors. Yes indeed, our system uses multiple NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, and the system continues to grow.

Writer Brian Caulfield has been around the business for a while, his work appearing in Forbes, Red Herring, and Wired, for example, and he has developed a sharp sense of what’s important. With his focus on conflict minerals (with which NVIDIA is much concerned) he noted and used this quote from our conversation: “The mineral itself certifies itself: the paperwork can be falsified along the way, but when it comes to the material itself, it cannot be anything but itself.”

Spot on. That’s what M2S® is about. Thanks.



Photo Courtesy of NVIDIA