4 October 2012

The September 2012 print issue of Rock and Gem features a thoughtful piece about Materialytics technology by one of the magazine’s regular columnists, Steve Voynick.  Since 1971, Rock and Gem (see them at rockngem.com) has been directed at rockhound hobbyists who are interested in minerals and lapidary. Deriving all of his information from the Materialytics website, without talking to anybody at the company, the writer does a good job of explaining the basic technology in a few paragraphs. 

One caveat: we’re always uneasy to have M2S® classed as “a LIBS system.” It does rely on LIBS to generate raw data in immense quantity; however, that’s only one piece of the system. We don’t know of other systems that use all of that data, considering literally thousands of variables. M2S doesn’t know anything at all about minerals…or pharmaceuticals …or apples and oranges…it simply processes the signals LIBS produces from any material it analyzes, and compares them to the signals in a reference database, looking for matches. It finds them reliably, and the bigger the database, the higher the accuracy. LIBS is just the start. We’re rather more sensitive to this issue than anybody else, of course. We’re really much pleased by Mr. Voynick’s commentary.