31 May 2012


If one of your customers brings you a defective part that looks like one your company made, how quickly can you determine if the part in question is really one of yours, or is a counterfeit?


The answer may be as quickly as running a Materialytics Sequencing Station (M2S®) validation test on the part.


The M2S validation test compares the part in question to a statistically significant number of parts the company knows it made. That is, the Quantagentics® Sequence of the part in question is compared to a Reference Database of the Quantagenetic Sequences of parts known to be genuine. If the part in question is genuine, its Quantagentics Sequence will be found in the Reference Database. The Quantagentics Sequence of a counterfeit will not be found. The test is simple and fast, taking no more than a few minutes to produce an answer.


The creation of the Reference Database is straightforward; as parts come off your production line, some are tested, using M2S. The Quantagentics Sequences of those parts, along with any other important information, is entered into the Reference Database of known genuine parts.


The Reference Database can contain information not only about which factory the part came from, but also which production line it came from, which crew was operating that line, and where the raw material came from, along with other pertinent information. The Reference Database can tie the Quantagentics Sequences of known genuine parts to their known source; that is, your own production facilities.


Do you want to know where the counterfeit piece was produced? That’s a much bigger undertaking.


The M2S technology doesn’t have to change for the purpose, and the fact that it bases judgment on literally thousands of variables allows the system to create immense numbers of unique Quantagenetics Sequences. The challenge comes in creating the Reference Database. Do you have access to a statistically significant number of well documented reference samples from all likely sources? It’s one thing to document parts coming from your own factory, but quite another to build a reliable database from sources you do not control.