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About Us

Our work began in 2002 as an academic research project to identify the geographic sources of undocumented, or suspiciously documented, gemstones. In 2007, results attracted private funding to pursue the work on a proprietary basis.


We have significant expertise in the use of Optical Emission Spectroscopy, widely used by researchers in materials analysis, and have  developed Materialytics Analysis (MA) by extending that technology.

With new Quantagenetics® techniques for analysis, MA has become an extraordinarily sensitive system for identifying similarities and differences between samples of virtually any material, from gemstones, ores, metals, and meteorites to super-alloys, aspirin, even to apples and oranges.


The great sensitivity of MA with Quantagenetics has revealed previously undetected characteristics of many materials that are useful in quality control, counterfeit detection, and establishing the provenance of natural or man-made materials.

Materialytics, LLC is partnering with organizations that have economically significant problems that our expertise may help to solve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What resources would be required, in terms of time, staffing, and money, for my company to create a custom database?
To provide an estimate, Materialytics® requires specific information regarding the scope of a project. Creation of a useful custom database often takes months, at times, more than a year. As with any large undertaking, the project must have a champion within your organization that is willing to work closely with Materialytics and be an internal liaison. It is a commitment that requires a significant amount of time. Clearly, this is not a casual undertaking; however, the potential ROI may make this an attractive endeavor.
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