Our Mission

Materialytics’ mission is to digitize the physical world one material at a time.

Its proprietary analytical technology authenticates natural and industrial materials by verifying their Quantagenetics® signatures.

Quantagenetics® (Quanta = light; genetics = origin) allows a material to certify itself. In contrast with conventional classification systems, accuracy improves as the database grows in size. Since 2004, research on the technology has been presented in peer-reviewed papers and presentations in multiple scientific communities.

Commercialization of the research and development has now begun to answer such questions as:

  • Who or what made this?
  • Where specifically did it come from? For example: Which mine? Which factory?
  • Is it the same material the documentation says it is?
  • Did we produce this? (Did it come from our country, factory, orchard?)
  • Do these multiple samples have the same origin?
  • Is this counterfeit or the real thing?

Define the Problem

More Detail

Materialytics can help analyze counterfeits in your supply chain or responsible sourcing requirements you're not sure how to meet.

Pilot Studies

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Materialytics conducts a pilot study to characterize your materials, so we can optimize analysis for your specific needs.


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With knowledge gained from this study Materialytics will work with you to customize operational processes for your organization.


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We will ensure that the necessary equipment is installed and that your technicians are trained.

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