• Have Materialytics researchers published papers?

    Yes. Materialytics has been published a number of peer-reviewed papers, and given presentations at industry and academic conferences. As a non-academic research group, we are not under pressure to publish, so the output is limited.

  • Has Materialytics received government research contracts or grants?


  • Can we send samples to Materialytics for testing?

    Materialytics does not do retail testing, but can discuss larger scale projects. Please send us an email at contact@materialytics.com

  • What resources would be required, in terms of time, staffing and money, for my company to create a custom database?

    No two cases are quite alike. Creation of a useful custom database often takes months, at times more than a year. As with any large undertaking, the project must have a champion within your organization who is willing to work closely with Materialytics and be an internal liaison. That commitment requires a significant amount of time. Clearly, this is not a casual undertaking; however, the potential ROI may make it attractive.

  • How can Materialytics be used in industry?

    By the time a manufactured product is ready to leave the factory, it has undergone a number of expensive steps and repeated inspections. Significant expenditure can be avoided if problems are detected early, rather than late in manufacturing. Materialytics analysis can help by detecting anomalies in raw or partially processed materials very early in the manufacturing process. In some cases, it can detect substandard or counterfeit components that are being assembled into products. Each application will require a well-designed program to establish a baseline for reference, so that test results are meaningful.

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