Putting Quantagenetics® to work involves:


Specification of the question(s) to be answered

The key is to figure out specifically what must be learned to solve a problem. Sometimes this is straightforward; other times it is more challenging.

Pilot Study

With the problem defined, we work with clients to conduct pilot studies on the appropriate materials. During this step, we will determine the best protocols and optimize equipment for the specific application.

Process Customization

With the process defined in the laboratory, the task is to plan the introduction of Quantagenetics® to the client’s facility with least disruption.  Are there thousands of units per shift calling for automation, or is low or occasional testing best done manually? How can the impact of testing within current processes be minimized?  The client is the expert in these determinations. Materialytics’ role is to find the best way to apply its testing expertise and technology.

In House Implementation

With the completion of process customization, Materialytics works with the client to place the M2S® physical analysis system in client facilities and train technicians to do testing and supervise operations. Materialytics provides continuous support and advice after implementation.

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